Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The moment your heart starts pounding is the moment you realise something is happening in your world that is completely unexpected and often quite irrational. Sometimes I wonder if its pounding so hard people around me will stop and stare, 'look at the girl with the african drums in her chest' whatever will happen the moment I start blushing...thats usually the time everything stands still, I hide my face away and I do try to appear invisible for the thought of anyone seeing inside of me makes me feel weak and annoyed. This sudden overwhelming feeling can happen at any second and is quite often followed by it thumping so hard it falls right out of my chest.

But its ok that I am not good at catching it because other people are, like the gentlemen who paid for my coffee in line at Gloria Jeans and told me to keep smiling, or the person who while passing by at the lights said 'your really pretty' or the really kind shop assistant you looked closely at me while I was paying with change and said 'Hey, dont worry, tomorrow is another day'.

Sometimes the complements from complete strangers do wonders for you and when you least expect it your heart starts pounding out of your chest again...

But this time your alot better at catching it when it falls out.