Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big City Life

Day 1

After a long drive and making a few wrong turns, I finally made it to the city in one piece. My domain for the next few months is across the street from China Town and Market City which is why I left the building with $10 to buy dinner and did not go anywhere near Dangerfield or the Converse store to be tempted by cool designs and unessesary accessories.

The last time I spent any lengthy amount of time in a city was three years ago in Adelaide and while it is a bit smaller and cleaner It still has the same token city trademarks. My first encounter was a young homeless guy & his dog sitting around the corner from my building. He had a cardboard sign that read 'I am homeless. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated' and he sat there reading a tiny bible someone must have handed him earlier. The dog looked healthy and in fact so did he, his long hair was kept and he had a black bag next to him which I asume was full of whatever possesions he had on his person.

Why was this young man on the streets? What happened in his life to made him believe he had no more options or is it all just a simple test of human kindness for research? Bryce Courtney spent a week on the streets of Melbourne masquerading as a homeless man sleeping under the statue of Matthew Flinders producing of the Australia's best seeling novels 'Matthew Flinders Cat'.

I wonder where he will sleep tonight.....I wonder if I will see him tomorrow?

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