Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cry me a River

- Snaps to the awesome hardcore references people post in their facebook status.

- Slaps to the 2 gentlemen in suits who sat sipping their latte's while watching me struggle with chairs to get to the front of the cafe only to stand up and pass me my coffee when it arrived. NOT COOL!

- Snaps to meeting random people in unusual places and making best friends with people in the lines for beer.

- Slaps to people who listen to Ipods on the way to work while looking down and not realising I am there untill they are sitting on my lap. NOT COOL!

- Snaps to T shirts of any kind, preferably V Necks or 'boy jumpers' which are super awesome to wear to bed.

- Slaps to seeing a dude wearing the Kate Moss T Shirt i recently bought and being disgusted that it actually looked better on him than me. NOT COOL!!

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