Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Silent Night

Before I moved to Sydney I thought my street was loud. Between Thursday and Sunday it consisted of many a drunk person and their domestic outbursts, not to mention vocal phone conversations and the teens next door having another house party whilst jumping on the trampoline at 3am.

But after living right in the city for the time I did and being back home I cant sleep because its too quiet. Strangely enough I never thought the sounds of people screaming, the tram speeding past every 15 minutes and Charlie Chans would ever be comforting....now I find I miss it.

So In the past few weeks Ive found myself awake all night because the silence somewhat frightens me and Ive set up shop on the lounge to fall asleep to the sound of bad TV but I cant sleep there forever. After living in a tiny room Im confronted with space and an oven which I have taken advantage of, but the nights are quite cold and while I dont feel alone the silence still makes me uneasy.

I guess Ill never quite find a happy medium with sleep which is a shame because I often feel like Ive never really had any in the first place. Im not a good morning person and I need a cup of tea before conversation can even me had, If I skip it my whole day is in a funk...Im a creature of pure habit and I like it that way.

And while tonight is another sleepless night while I listen to the credits of another B Grade film I know that in order for me to sleep...I need to reside in a place that never does. Because sometimes the more upside down and backwards something is the more sense it makes to me.

Confused? Welcome to my world.

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