Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dream Big

I am going into my 4th week of study and i have already started thinking about what I should do when I finish. By the 2nd week of May I need to make up my mind if I will stay in Sydney and try and get work as a junior in a studio or head overseas and get an internship somewhere amazing for awhile. I am at a cross roads, not sure what I should do with my life and sometimes I wish someone would grab me, sit me down and tell me straight but I know its not that simple.

The reason I wanted to do this course in the first place was to become a better designer so I could make more intersting t shirts. Right now Hardknox is doing really well but I want to appeal to a wider audience and eventually some day it will be a semi successfull brand, or at least I will be designing for one. I know I am at least 10 years away from owning my own studio but if I work my ass off now and take it seriously I know I can achieve it. How I will fit overseas travels in...I guess I can make some allowances. :)

So the game plan is: Finish course, gain internship, help best mate out with his bodyboarding brand and move to JB. Not in that order but its deffently a go-er.

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