Friday, February 19, 2010

From our Ivory Towers

Every day I see something new as I take the same route to college. Last week there was a very aggressive Red Cross rally involving cardboard cut outs of children in school uniforms holding guns. A few days ago a homeless man called me a 'fucking cunt' right in my face which made me jump out of my skin and I now cross the road when I see him. Yesterday afternoon the homeless girl behind my building had cut off all her waist length hair. Her partner sleeps with a suitcase – they look like lost travellers.

In the evenings I play music to block out the whaling of sirens and the sound of the tram speeding past. City and Colour has kept me company this week as I drink a cup of tea and contemplate the use of the stove again after triggering the smoke alarm and sending the whole building in a sea of panic.

The sun goes down over a smog infused view and on cue the stranger across the street starts playing his violin.

The window sil is my friend.

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