Sunday, April 4, 2010

The face with no Name

2 weeks ago on my way to college I stumbled across a lit candle in a small corner of the Queen Victoria Building. The corner was dark and cold and in the mornings was home to a homeless man with short grey hair who was very thin. Every morning I would walk past and know he would be lying there asleep next to a cup of takeaway coffee and a chocolate muffin that would often only have one bite taken out of it before it was discarded a short distance from where he lay. I wondered on occasion if he bought the muffin himself or if every morning someone would give it to him along with something to drink. He looks old, tired, done.

On this particular morning I didnt look for the homeless man and the only reason I stopped was because a candle was lit in the dark corner he normally resides.....a candle, a small bunch of flowers, rollies and a note that read 'If you knew this man please pay your respects' and then a short list of nicknames he was most known by. I stopped and looked for a few moments before moving on. I think I convinced myself that the homeless man was just gone and he would be back. It was really sad to think he passed away on the street in the very spot I see him every day and that someone had to find him that way.

For a solid week the shrine stayed and the homeless man didnt show.

On Thursday before Good Friday I walked by and took this photo of the lone candle someone had lit for him every day for the past few weeks. Someone bought him coffee and someone noticed he was gone.

In amongst a world of chaos, even the smallest of us are missed.

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