Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Magestic Beauty of Those that Inspire Me

- The most beautiful female photgrapher who does not even know that she often looks like an angel behind a lens. You made me look the way I feel in a photo, and seeing those photos made me realise that Im not so bad after all.

- The most inspiring graphic designer who does not even realise she is amazing! So humble, laughs at my dumb jokes, carrys my coffee and whom of which I have design envy. I hope to one day be as good as you.

- The woman with the most courage who travels around the world and experiences life the way I wish I could. Not only that, is super awesome, speaks tons of languages, does alot of things in the shower and is a brilliant photographer (especially of live alphabets!). You make me laugh.

- The girl who is so good at so many things, could be anything she wants because she is the smartest girl I know. A very tallented clothing designer, a loving mum, brilliant drawer, amazing singer and knows how to cheer me up when i am down. Habbanadah.

- My sister who kindly helps me with my homework and drinks endless cups of tea with me. Always makes me laugh with her songs about the current situation and has an arch enemy that I may even one day wirte a comic about (with her permission of course.)

- The guy that rocks out with me and who I know would always be there if I needed him. Best bass player I know, great big heart and knows just how to have a good time old school style. I would be lost without you mate, but Im gonna stop now before you call me gay.

- A painter whos art made me curious to want to know more. Your very modest but I could paint like you I would quit my day job and thats all i would do. A beautiful person who makes me laugh and I know i can be my stupid usual self around.

- One of the oldest friends I have who has been through everything with me. Knows the inside jokes, we speak our own language, laughs at the stupid things and who can sing (though noone knows because she is very sneaky about it). I am so proud she is on a new path with her life because she might finally see herself as the amazing girl I see.

- A dreadlocked queen. You are so inspiring the way you live your life. If you want something you go get it. I wish i was that brave and felt I had nothing to loose and went for it the way you do. I love catching up with you. You are a truly beautiful girl.

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