Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freedom Fighters

Anyone that knows me well, understands how I feel personally about the army. I look at my best mate and how he was treated and it makes me so angry - I am the first one to get mad and slag it off.

But while I am heavily against war, I cannot help but feeling emotional on Anzac Day and recognising and honouring why this day is important.

In my life I have experienced someone that has gone off to afganistan in the army and come back. That person will never be the same again. It makes me sad....that someone will see the world so different from now on, that they didnt sleep well incase something happens, that they know no different and at the time were always trying to find a way to put themself in a situation that harrowing again. I dont understand it.

While war is what I am against, fighting for the freedom of others is another thing. That I cant let slip between my fingers or dismiss as being barbarick. Its part of what I believe in. And within my beliefs so strong I honour those people close or that I once knew for the sacrifice they have put themself in because it was something they believed in.

In this world it will be generation after generation that we will honour on Anzac day, it wont just be our great grandparents, it will be our uncles, brothers, neices and friends.. Australia hasnt always been overally patrotic but one thing we can honesly say we do is take the time on this day to be respectfull to those that fought or died fighting to help a nation that needs it more than perhaps we do.

War is not the right way, I wonder how long it will take for people to realise its not the answer. That a human life is worth more than oil. I often wonder when mankind lost its way...

So even though I say to my best mate all the time how much I despise the army, I understand why he is today spending time with people he was in the army with, talking about their friends that went overseas, and what they might be doing now. Honour those even if you do not know them, because the fight for freedom is only measured by bravery and the definition of bravery is being terrified of something but doing it anyways, regardless of the risk.

And today while you are drinking and talking to the diggers, the will tell you they are not a hero, the ones that died are....honour that.


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